How to Have a Healthy Back | Nimbus Clinics

How to Have a Healthy Back

Back pain is something that many adults deal with every single day. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to the way they move and support their back until they have an injury. Paying attention to the little things throughout the day, like posture, mattress choices, and the way you pick things up, can make a […]

The Importance of Good Posture for Your Health | Nimbus Clinics

The Importance of Good Posture for Your Health

Just about every child has had a parent, grandparent, or teacher tell them not to slouch. Good posture is an important part of how you carry yourself, but it isn’t all about appearances. Knowing how to hold your body and keeping everything in alignment is good for your health, keeping the least amount of strain […]

Is Your Child's Back-Packed Too Much | Nimbus Clinics

Is Your Child’s Back-Packed Too Much?

  A backpack is such an important part of going to school, but did you know it could also have an effect on their posture? Children rely on their backpacks for carrying everything they need for the day, including their books, writing supplies, equipment for their extra-curricular activities, and even sometimes jackets and coats. To […]

Causes of Lower Back Pain | Nimbus Clinics

Causes of Lower Back Pain; When Should I See a Chiropractor

Lower back pain has many causes and can range from being very simple to very complicated. It’s one of the most common reasons patients come to see a chiropractor. Instead of just treating the pain, it is better to find out the problem that is causing the lower back pain in the first place; this […]

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