Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy Services

At Nimbus Clinics we use principles of sport and exercise science and physiology to help with injury prevention and rehabilitation, to get you back to optimal functional, occupational or sport specific fitness.

Sports therapy is about more than treating pain, though. It can also help to promote flexibility and decrease stress, which can help you improve your game so you can play more confidently.

Play to Your Strengths

Nimbus Clinics provides specialised therapies for people who are experiencing pain or stiffness caused by sports participation. Whether you require a sports massage before an event to help you relax and get loose, or a therapeutic treatment to reduce soreness after a game, we can help.

The sports-related issues we help with focus on specific areas of your body, so you can continue to play to your strengths and give it your best efforts. Get those tight muscles worked on, make sure your shoulders are flexible and strong, and start to manage the discomfort you may be feeling.

Set up an appointment today with a true sports therapist and find out if we can help you maximise your performance.