Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chiropractic work?

Chiropractors examine your spine and other joints for quality, quantity and control of movement. If a joint is particularly restricted, they will use a range of hands-on techniques to make small adjustments to improve function, increase mobility and reduce pain in the affected area. This can help to improve, manage and prevent some disorders of your neuromusculoskeletal system (your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves). They will look to understand the reason why the symptoms have presented in the first place and look to correct the underlying cause. This may entail a specific rehab plan to strengthen weak areas and improve flexibility, working on your strength and conditioning, your diet and more.

Will it hurt?

The adjustments themselves don’t hurt. Sometimes if a joint is particularly stiff it can be a little uncomfortable to get it moving at first. Muscles can become very sensitive and it can be difficult for us to work on you if they are already tender without applying some pressure. Occasionally there may be some soreness for a day or so after being worked on, like if you’ve exercised for the first time in a while; but we always aim to make your experience as comfortable and effective as possible.

Who can see a Chiropractor?

Everyone. The youngest patient we’ve seen so far was 6 days old and the eldest was 96. We always tailor your care to suit your age, needs and lifestyle, to ensure that our care is as safe, effective and comfortable as possible.

What if Chiropractic’s not for me?

If we feel that you wouldn’t benefit from seeing a Chiropractor and that a different treatment or practitioner would better suit you, we will make sure that you are referred to the appropriate person. We do our utmost to refer you to and provide you with excellent local X-ray, MRI and Ultrasound facilities if necessary. If your GP would be better suited to help with further investigations, we can help to keep them up to date with your requirements too.

What will happen during my first appointment?

During your initial consultation we will sit down together and have a chat. We like to understand what’s been going on and how it’s affecting you. This helps us to understand what’s important to you and what you want to get out of your care with us, whether it’s to get back to work, to start exercising again without pain, to run a marathon or to get to Everest Base Camp. This will include any history of medications, surgeries, sports injuries or accidents to give us a better overall picture of your health. Next will be a physical exam, this will entail checking how well your joints move and function, we will also carry out neurological and orthopaedic tests, muscle strength and endurance tests and more, in order to establish what’s going on.

Will I have a treatment on my initial appointment?

Your first appointment is designed to be as comprehensive as possible to understand what’s going on. We rarely have time to start with adjustments on the first visit as it can take time to assess you thoroughly. We much prefer to arrange a follow up Report of Findings where we can discuss your tailored care plan with you and address any concerns you may have so you can make an informed decision before getting started.

What should I wear?

Whatever you’re most comfortable in. Most of our patients prefer to wear loose fitting clothing, but it’s not essential. We simply ask that you take off your shoes, jewellery, belts, tool belts, coats or thick jumpers. If you are attending for sports therapy or massage, please expect to remove necessary clothing for us to work on you but don’t worry, our rooms are always nice and warm so you won’t get cold.

Can I exercise afterwards?

This entirely depends on how you feel following your session. We may go through some exercises or movements for you to practice at home or at work during your session that may help to benefit you. We understand that exercise is vital for your health and we want you to get back to doing what you love as soon as possible but in some cases we may need to modify what exercises you’re doing or suggest alternatives before resuming normal activities. We strongly recommend going for a 5-10 minute walk after an adjustment as a minimum.

What if I’m pregnant?

Pregnancy doesn’t make you immune from developing aches or pains. We have lots of ways to accommodate our pregnant ladies throughout their pregnancy with modifications of the techniques we use to ensure maximum comfort.

What if I need to reschedule?

Please call or email to notify us as soon as possible. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy where we may charge you for missed appointments, if you’re able to reschedule for the same week this will keep you on point with your care plan and it may help to avoid any incurred fees.

How do I pay?

We accept all major card types (besides AMEX) and cash. We are also registered with most major insurance companies. Please contact us to enquire.

Can I use my health insurance?

We are registered with most health insurance providers like AXA PPP, Vitality and WPA. If you’d like to claim using your health insurance, or want to check that we’re registered with your insurers, please contact us.

Do you see patients from outside Sussex?

We see patients from Sussex and further afield. We have regular visits from patients in Balcombe, Bolney, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Cowfold, Crawley, Handcross, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Horsted Keynes, Hurstpierpoint, and Lindfield.

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