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“I can enjoy my active lifestyle again”

“For over 10 years my life had been controlled by pain and became very restrictive. I now feel fresh, mobile and a lot more confident. With no pain and a lot more flexibility in movement I can do more and enjoy my active lifestyle again.”

– Max Hadipour


“I no longer have to rely on prescription painkillers”

“Prior to my injury I was extremely active. The sudden inability to do day to day tasks, as well as the activities I love was taking a toll on my mental and physical wellbeing. I am now able to go about my daily life without having to rely on prescription painkillers. Even once my injury is healed, I cannot see myself stopping my visits and I am looking forward to building an exercise plan that suits my personal goals and ambitions.”

– Sam David


“Best thing I have ever done for my body!”

“My headaches have stopped, my shoulders and knee don’t hurt anymore and my posture is a lot better. Peter helped me change my diet to improve health and I learned how to use my body better. I feel better in myself.”

– Joseph Schofield, City Electrical Factors – Account Manager


“It’s made so much difference”

“I was a sceptic at first but I thought I’d try. Having suffered with stiff neck and shoulders for years, I am now finally pain free with adjustments once each 3 weeks.”

– Cathy Webbon


“So much better”

“My joint pains impacted upon being able to enjoy gardening and walking for 2-3 years. My mobility, flexibility and posture have improved, I have much reduced pain in my back and my exercise regime is more focused.”

– John Pawsey


“I am able to walk without discomfort”

“From power walking marathons, lots of training and enjoying walking as a hobby my psoas seemed to completely cease and walking became a painful chore and had lower back pain for years. I am able to walk without discomfort. The advice & treatment I’ve received has strengthened my lower back & my confidence. I can now realistically look forward to walking becoming a hobby again.”

– Ros Plummer


“The care I received enables me to continue cycling”

“Being an office worker with cycling as a hobby, my body couldn’t cope with the amount of time I spent sitting down. As a result, pain and injuries were preventing me from even trying to progress my fitness and health. I am sure the chiropractic care I have received enables me to continue cycling. Without the care I doubt I would be able to continue as I do now.”

– Mark Sussex


“I feel great!”

“For 3-4 years I had a lot of pain and impaired movement to my right ankle caused through an accident. Now the movement in my ankle is so much better, I am now at the gym + starting to run gently on a treadmill without pain and my whole posture is improving through exercises given to me. I am so glad I did it.”

– Elizabeth Broomfield, Removals Director


“Everyday tasks are easier!”

“The consultation is pressure free and very informative. You can tailor your programme to suit your lifestyle and individual needs. Really relaxed and very flexible. After suffering for years, I can play hockey better, I have had less injuries, my posture has improved, I believe my lifestyle has become healthier and everyday tasks are easier!”

– Anna McQuade


“I’m more relaxed and pain free”

“Throughout my treatment I noticed near elimination of my headaches which had been progressively getting worse for 2 years, I became more relaxed and pain free. Peter is fantastic and will not only ensure that he does all he can during sessions to target any issues but will provide you with a range of strategies and exercises for you to do at home.

– Thea Sotiri


“Now I don’t need painkillers”

“At times the pain in my hip was almost unbearable, I took regular painkillers as I have to be on my feet all day at work. Now I don’t need painkillers and I can sit without pain going from my hip to knee. If you don’t try, you’ll never know if it will help.”

– Wendie Parker, St George’s retreat – Carer/Activities Coordinator


“I wouldn’t think of going to another practitioner”

“I was suffering with my right hip and neck especially after my last pregnancy. I felt a major improvement and am now totally pain free and I have started running again. Peter has since helped me with lower back ache and shoulder pain. I can honestly recommend Peter with his gentle and professional approach. I wouldn’t think of ever going to see another practitioner.”

– Aurelie Merritt


“I have more energy and sleep better”

“Chiropractic has made a huge impact with regards to my pain, posture and mood at work and home life. I was constantly waking through the night with headaches, neck and shoulder pain. At work it was affecting my ability to carry out my job role due to pain and tiredness. Now I’m out of constant pain, I feel much happier in myself and more relaxed. I have more energy at work and am sleeping much better.”

– Chelsea Banks, EMC Uckfield – Service Advisor


“I feel lighter and younger!”

“Peter has helped with several issues that have ‘come and gone’ over the years and they have now completely disappeared. I am confident of the treatment I am receiving. In my case it has always needed an accumulative series of adjustments over weeks for a lasting improvement.”

– Margaret Lamb


“They really understand the body”

“They really understand the body and give you their expertise. Occasionally I need a bit more help when I’ve done something to upset my back, I’m so glad I gave it a try.”

– Elaine Ellison, Retired


“I feel so much better in myself”

‘Since the treatment I realise I feel so much better in myself. I have greater confidence in my ability when playing sport, my strength, core stability and posture have all improved which is key in my job, sitting in an office all day.’

– George Yeates, Director – Arrugado Limited

from 90 reviewers

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