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What are Orthotics?

Orthotics use arch supports to help align or support different movable parts of the foot and ankle. They are shoe inserts that are used to improve foot function and irregular or abnormal walking patterns.

Who Needs Orthotics? 

Many different situations may call for orthotics. We most often recommend them for:

  • Arch pain

  • Heel pain

  • Flat feet (that are causing foot pain or issues in the ankles, legs, knees, hips or lower back)

  • Overpronation (feet rolling in too much)

  • Of course, this is just a small list. There may be any number of issues that call for orthotics. Be sure to talk to us about it to learn more about your options.

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    How Do Orthotics Work?

    How Do Orthotics Work?

    The goal of orthotic devices is to change the pressure on certain points of the feet in order to relieve painful symptoms. These devices can:

  • Help align and support the feet or ankles

  • Improve some of the function of the foot or ankle

  • Help accommodate various foot deformities

  • It’s also possible to use them to help to make your shoes more comfortable.

    Leg exercise

    A Complete Approach

    Orthotics can address a wide range of issues, but just like everything else, it requires a complete approach in order to see the best results.

    At Nimbus Clinics, we don’t just fit you with an insole and send you on your way. We assess the biomechanical function of your feet, make a mould of each foot and create a bespoke, high quality custom orthotic for you that fits like a glove. We can combine this with rehabilitation programmes or massage therapy to help you feel even better.

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