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At Nimbus Clinics, we can combine chiropractic care with a range of massage therapies to great effect.

Massage techniques and chiropractic care complement each other, overlapping in some areas and supporting each other for some wonderful results.

Massage therapy focuses on the musculoskeletal system while chiropractic deals with the nervous system. To put it another way, chiropractic addresses the hard tissues, like the spine and various joints, while massage therapy focuses on the soft tissues.

When you get both of these services together, you can cover the entire system.

How Does It Work?

If these disciplines are so closely related, does it really make that much of a difference?

The short answer is that it absolutely does.

We can use massage techniques to relax the body between adjustments. Gradually loosening up some of those tight muscles can often complement your chiropractic adjustments.

Soon, you’ll start to feel some of your everyday stresses begin to melt away as your blood flow begins to increase. When your muscles are nice and relaxed, it can increase the comfort of your adjustments and aid with your sleep.

Massage with a Purpose

It’s one thing to receive a massage just to help you relax, but at Nimbus Clinics, we provide massage therapy with the express intent of helping you reach your peak of health and reduce some of the soreness and tenderness you may be feeling.

We work to relax your muscles and increase your blood flow, so our chiropractic solutions can be more effective.

Contact us today to learn more about massage therapy and how it can help your situation.

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Massage therapy

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