Nutrition Services

At Nimbus Clinics, we take a complete approach to your health, which means the right nutrition plan is just as important as any other element of our practice.

Our chiropractic services are built on the idea that your body can do a lot to maintain its own health, as long as your nervous system and everything else is functioning at it’s best.

We can help you maintain that kind of functionality through chiropractic, effective exercise programmes and a custom nutrition plan. This way we can do more than just focus on a single problem area. We can help you build and strengthen your overall health.

How Does Nutrition Work with Chiropractic?

We approach your health from two different angles.

The first is chiropractic adjustments that work on your muscles, joints, tendons and bones. These are all the things that are controlled by the nervous system.

The second is with good nutrition, which addresses the functions of many other organs that are controlled by the nervous system.

By making good nutritional choices, you can get things heading in the right direction. Our nutritional consultations may include how to make healthier food choices or implementing a regimen around an anti-inflammatory diet.

Everyone has different nutritional needs and we will work closely with you to tailor a programme that helps you get the results you want.

Contact us today to learn more about how we combine nutrition and chiropractic to help you.

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