Visiting Nimbus Clinics from Crawley

Living a healthier, happier, pain free life is a goal we aim for here at Nimbus Clinics. By focusing on your health as a whole, from nutrition and exercise to positive psychology and mental focus, you can take the next step in your health’s journey. Coming from Crawley, here is the best way to find our clinic.

Directions to Nimbus Clinics from Crawley

  1. Take Malthouse Rd and A2219 to Brighton Rd/A23
  2. Stay on that road until you reach a roundabout
  3. Take the 1st exit onto Brighton Rd/A23
  4. At the next roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto the A23 ramp to Brighton
  5. Continue onto A23 until the B2115 exit toward Warninglid/Cuckfield Village
  6. Continue onto Staplefield Ln
  7. Turn left onto Sloughgreen Ln/B2115
  8. Take a right turn onto Cuckfield Rd/B2114
  9. Take a left before the Esso garage and we are based at the first house on the right

Crawley Directions Map

If you are coming from the West of the practice on Cuckfield Ln/B2115, you will want to take the last possible left that you can take down an unnamed lane before the Esso Garage that will be approaching on your right. You’ll then see the “Chiropractic Clinic” signpost and we are the first house on the right.